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Derby Day with the East TN Boss Babes!

So, this one's going to be a little different. I want to tell you guys about a really fun event and a really increfible group of ladies I got to spend some time with last week.

I heard about East TN Boss Babes via Maleia, my stunning model for the styled photo shoot that I did at Maypop Fields in March. She's a part of this fun group of ladies and I was itching to go to one of their events. So, when I heard about their Derby Day party, I was all in (cheesy gambling pun - sorry). I love the Kentucky Derby and it's a great excuse to get fancy AND wear a hat that would generally be considered bizarre. I grabbed a purple feathered fascinator, and Erin from Scruffy City Letters and we headed out for an elegant lady date while our spouses kicked it at home with our little kids. Thanks dudes.

First, this event was Daras's Garden, a timeless garden and historic home that have been lovingly transformed and maintained in South Knoxville. Kate and Dara Ayn are the ladies in charge and the whole venue shows the love and care that they have for this special place. So, in short, the organizers at East TN Boss Babes couldn't have chosen a better place to showcase for the evening. The weather was lovely, the garden was full of spring color, and it was all-around perfection.

Next, we have to talk about the food and bar. Dara's Garden is a part of the Rothchild family of special event pros. This family has decades of experience serving East Tennessee and their expertise shows 100%. Rothchild Catering provided our spectacular meal for the evening and it was so delicious! I might have embarassed myself a little bit with the number of fried green tomato and pimento cheese hors d'oeuvres I had. I mean, who hasn't been there?

Rothchild's Catering knows how to create menus that appeal to everyone, while still being so elegant. And their presentation was so fun! And they got into the theme and had sweet little horses sprinkled in. Check out a little food inspiration to get you drooling this morning.

All photos courtesy of Mandy Hart Photography

And what's a Derby Party without a few fanstastic cocktails? Single Barrel events joined us for the evening and mixed up specialty cocktails like blackberry juleps and a spicy spritzer that was my personal favorite. All were made with spirits from Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge. If you know me at all, you know how much I love locally made products for their evironmental friendliness (no long travel time in a truck or train) and for their support of our local artisans. So, everything about this bar was a win!

All photos courtesy of Mandy Hart Photography

The last thing that made this evening so special was the company! This was my first event with East TN Boss Babes and I hope that it won't be my last. What a great group of ladies supporting each other's goals and ventures. This group of girls all have the entrepreneurial spirit and share the same passions. The conversation was easy and we all share so much in common, whether we are first grade teachers who run a beautiful blog, fitness pros who teach and inspire people every day, or sign makers who would rather be hanging with their table saw, this group was so friendly, open, and welcoming.

So, if you're a Boss Babe and looking for a supportive community - look no further! Maybe we can wear a fun hat together next year :)

Happy planing (and networking),

Join in on the fun! @easttnbossbabes

Venue: https://www.rothchildknoxville.com/daras-garden/

Catering: https://www.rothchildknoxville.com/catering/

Bartending: http://www.singlebarrelevents.com/

Sprits: https://oldforgedistillery.com/

Photography: https://mandyhartphoto.com/


Photo booth: http://specialnotes.net/oh-snap-photo-booth/

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