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I think (or I know) Coronvirus will effect my wedding. What should I be doing NOW? #wednesdaywisdom

Hey friends,

It's been a bit since I published a blog and all content that I have planned has gone out the window with the outbreak and spread of the Covid-19 virus. First and above all else, I hope that this post finds you safe at home and well. We are staying in as well, as I have two little ones one of whom has respiratory issues and my husband is essential personnel and can be exposed at work. We are doing everything that we can to stay well, like we all are, and we are blessed to have all that we need so that I can work from home.

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It's been a tough few weeks in the wedding world. I've talked with clients daily walking with them through really difficult decisions and realities that their wedding might not go as planned. This has been so hard and my heart has broken for so many of my amazing clients. But, we're here, needing to prepare for and make tough decisions and so I want to help you as much as I can.

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So, here are 5 things that every couple planning to get married in 2020 needs to do TODAY:

1. Start talking to your families, wedding parties, parents, siblings. and best friends about an alternate date. Yes, I know that one stung. I'm starting with the big one, because it's the most important one. My best estimate of when it should be at the moment is August at the earliest. Also, please keep in mind that October is one of the busiest, if not the busiest wedding month of the year. So, think August, September, early November, and December, if staying in the 2020 calendar year is really important or necessary for you.

Now I realize that some of you might be saying why do I need a back-up date when my wedding isn't until late June? The answer is because you are not the only one rescheduling their wedding at this time. Choosing an alternative date and checking it with all of your close family and friends will make it a lot easier to switch, should you have to.

2. Next step - check your back-up date with your vendors. This is another HUGELY important thing to get done. My vendor friends are wonderful, and so many of them are going above and beyond to take care of our clients. Some are offering to hold a back-up date for you on their calendar, free of charge. Some are choosing not to accept new clients until all current clients are rescheduled. Personally, I'm working with displaced clients for free to assist them as they change their plans. We are all doing what we can and want to help as much as possible.

But, all that being said - the first call should be to your venue. Depending on where you're getting married rules pertaining to venues differ. You need to call them and find our their policy on staying open, how many guests can be there, and what dates are open in case of rescheduling. This has to be done ASAP! Without your venue, all plans must be altered, so start there!

3. Believe what the experts are saying - Now is the time to keep an eye on what CDC and local governmental bodies in the area where you're getting married are saying about events. The White House has suggested limiting numbers to 10 or less. Some places are taking that even further and saying no more than 5 people in one space, some are saying absolutely no gatherings. Depending on where you're getting married and when your wedding days plans might have to change a lot of meet these recommendations and I don't think that's a bad thing.

Let's do a little visualization: it's your wedding day. You've put on your beautiful dress, your hair and make-up (applied by a Hair and Make-up artist in gloves and mask) is perfect. You take your bouquet in your left hand as your 60 year old father slips your hand over his gloved hand. You can tell that he's smiling behind his special wedding mask that your grandma made for you all. She was so excited to make them for you all and to feel part of your big day, since she couldn't actually be there.

You head out into the beautiful flower garden where you'll be married and are greeted by roughly 1/3 of your anticipated guests, all smiling behind their own masks and anxiously trying to touch their faces. Ok, ok...you get my point! Is this what you're hoping for on your wedding day? Of course it isn't. If you're in doubt, your guets probably are too. Make the tough call and reschedule if the scenario above doesn't really appeal to you.

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4. Remember the main goal - to get married. I know that you're probably hearing this a lot. But really, my friends, that is what took you down this wedding planning road to begin with - the desire to get married. So, even if the wedding happens at a later date or with only you and the person that you love, it will still be a celebration of love.

5. Take a deep breath and know that it will all be ok. Hold your loved ones close and give them lots of love. I know that this is so hard, but here is what I'm trying to do; appreciate this moment when our lives have slowed down and we can focus on connecting with those around us who love us and are on this crazy journey with us. It will all be ok. We will get through this and your wedding, no matter how big, small, grand, or simple will be a heartfelt celebration of the love that you and your fiancé share. That's what matters and we have to remember it.

Hang in there my friends! I'm sending you a big virtual hug and my prayers for your health and safety.

Happy planning,

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