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Big News & A Real Life Wedding! Lacy & Kameron - Happily Ever After at the Barn - 6/12/20

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Photos courtesy of Amy Wallen Photography

Hello, everyone! Today, I am blogging a real wedding because it is WEDDING SEASON! Are you excited? I know I am. After a Covid-19 break, weddings are starting up again and I am pumped to be back. This week I am blogging Lacy & Kameron's absolutely beautiful wedding day at Happily Ever After at the Barn in Kodak, TN. I have blogged weddings from this venue before and I really do love it. It has so much to offer! The setting is beautiful, the barn is the perfect blend of rustic while still being comfortable for guests (can you say heated and air conditioned?) And, in case you didn't know, I am the day-of coordinator at Happily Ever After at the Barn. I have done several weddings there any every time I am amazed at what incredible care they take of their couples and how simple it is to get married there. You bring a few of your favorite vendors and the planning is done! They take care of so many details and their custom decor is stunning.

Photos courtesy of Amy Wallen Photography

Lacy & Kameron were such a sweet couple. They were so delighted to have a wedding after having to change their plans and did such a fantastic job of pulling together their wedding plans quickly. The venue was decorated in a classic palette of white, cream, and lots of beautiful eucalyptus and greenery. Lacy's elegant lacy dress and Kameron's navy suit were perfect compliments and the overall feel was timeless and elegant.

Photos courtesy of Amy Wallen Photography

All Photos by Amy Wallen Photography

This wedding was all a little different for another reason... I wasn't there. While I was in charge of the pre-wedding work, vendor communication, and timeline creation with Lacy and Christie at the venue, this was the first wedding that I wasn't present for because of a scheduling conflict. I will always do my very best to be there for your wedding day. But, with a thousand reschedules this year and only so many 2020 weekends left, I had to find someone who I would trust to take care of my clients the way I would. Thankfully, the incredible Bailey Rose was available to execute the plans and take charge of Lacy & Kameron's wedding day and make sure that everything ran perfectly. And oh my, was I thankful that she was there! When my favorite baker (Dodie of The Bees Knees Bakery) had a car accident on her way to the wedding, Bailey handled it with grace and ease. Use your imagination, car accident = cakesplosion! This was her first wedding at Happily Ever After and she handled it with such kindess and a cool head. I was thanking my lucky stars that she was there.

Photos by Amy Wallen Photography

Bailey is an incredible asset to our team and has photographed lots of weddings as a second shooter for Kelsey Shae Photography. So, the this world of weddings and special events is nothing new for her. She's an amazing marketing professional, a masterful thrifter, and the owner of Hunter Society & Co.This is the beautiful Bailey and if she coordinates your wedding on behalf of EG Weddings and Events, you will be in such good hands. I'm so proud to say that she will be coordinating more weddings for EG Weddings and Events this year. Yay!

Bailey's beautiful headshot courtesy of Kelsey Shae Photography

I am so excited to see the wedding season begin again. I've missed all my couples, I've missed the creativity that they bring to planning these beautiful weddings, and of course I've really missed seeing all our time and collective work come together to create these incredible celebrations of love.

Happy planning,

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