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Oh boy - she started a blog.

Welcome to my new blog! I'm trying out sharing some of my "Wednesday Wisdom" tips that I recently started sharing on Instagram, but in a little more detail. I hope that by going in a little more in-depth on my weekly tips, stuff I've found and really like, couples and clients I'm working with, and other random topics - that you, dear reader, my gain something useful. Or, at least something entertaining.

So, I guess since this is the first of my blog posts, I'll tell you a little bit about me. I was raised outside of Nashville on my father's family farm. I had the great benefit of growing up surrounded by family. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins, and many more were in my life often. I thought everyone had 85 people at Thanksgiving! Apparently, that was just us. But, it was a nice, often rowdy way to grow up with lots of music, laughs, and really serious Easter egg hunts. I also have the great pleasure of having friends that I've known all my life that I still cherish today.

After school, I moved to Knoxville to attend UT. I met so many friends that I love and can't imagine my life without. And, I met my husband there too. We met in a super exciting and romantic accounting class, doing group work! Shout to my accounting teacher, aka matchmaker! I graduated from UT in 2005 and started working in the marketing/pr/development world for non-profit organizations. I loved development, but really craved some hands-on event planning experience.

I ended up getting moving over to a marketing and event planning position with a software company based out of Knoxville and started taking on larger event projects and conferences. I found that I really loved the event planning side of my work. I loved the travel and seeing these huge projects come together and succeed. However, my husband finished grad school and took a job on the East Coast, so off I went - just as the recession hit.

After a few years of moving with my husband's career and doing some freelance marketing and pr work, we relocated on a more permanent basis to Memphis, TN, where I started and completed graduate school. The almost eight years we spent in Memphis were a very happy time for us. We welcomed two little boys into our family, I worked in education, with non-profits, and in special events with the Memphis Zoo. But, once again our clan decided it was time to move forward.

When a job opportunity came up in Knoxville, we could hardly believe it. We'd always loved Knoxville, but never thought we would get back there. When we visited and strolled around downtown, hiked in the mountains, or were out on the water, we would lament that we hadn't found a way to move back. But, suddenly in summer 2018, we found ourselves selling our house and packing up our children's 1,000 hot wheels cars to move across the state.

On my birthday last year, after much deliberation, I decided that it was time I gave entrepreneurship a try. After alomst 12 years of working in the event business, why not open a wedding and event planning service all my own. Not only would it be all my own, it would incorporate things I am passionate about and believe that the industry can be better. More specifically, I believe that we can clean up our act when it comes to planning. And so, I've been pursuing training in sustainable event planning, and it has been such an enriching and enlightening opportunity. I've learned ways to make events beautiful without being wasteful. The compelling information I've learned has really changed the way I look at planning and how I will approach the process from here forward.

And so, here we are! Launching this business has been so much fun! It's hard work, but every step in exciting and rewarding. I hope that you'll follow along with me and if there is anything that I can do to help you plan the wedding or event that you're imagining, it would be my pleasure to help you and get to know you.

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