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#Proprofile of Erin Scruffy City Letters

Happy Wednesday to all! I hope that you're having a great week. The family and I are rocking right along with my boys enjoying preschool and getting back into the flow of things. And for me, the busyness of Autumn wedding season as begun. And another lady whose life is kicking into high gear is my good friend and work wife, Erin Albright of Scruffy City Lettering and Signs. Erin is such a talented lady who designs and builds custom, handmade wood signs, acryllic signs, and home decor. She loves working with her regular and wedding clients in creating their signs that are both beautiful and practical. Erin's work in truly by hand, no stencils, so vinyl cut outs. Just her and her amazing ability to design and create.

She is your go-to lady for welcome signs, keepsake signs, menus, seating charts, the list goes on and on! She also happens to be a wonderful friend and a kind person. Erin is also a great teacher and she offers workshops to teach you a few things about lettering and her other passion, woodworking, too. If you're interested in any of Erin's services or workshops, check out her website at scruffycitylettering.com, on Instagram @scruffycitylettering, and on Facebook, or wherever you like to get your pretty photos.

I sat down with my good friend and work wife and asked her to give me the whole story about how she got into lettering and what tool you should never be without. Here's what she had to say!

Q: As always I like to start with a little bio. So, tell us a little about you

Erin: I have lived in Knoxville, TN most of her life (moved at 2). I am the proud Mama of sweet Sawyer and Sassy Scout and wife of an awesome husband.  

Q: How did you start lettering?  

Erin: I wanted a girl’s night out a couple of years ago and I took a lettering class with some friends. That really is where I first became interested in  hand-lettering as a hobby. I find lettering to be really relaxing. (And I'll add that Erin is has such an artistic ability, it's no wonder that she needed an outlet for all that talent)

Q: So, when did you get interested in woodworking?

Erin: I began woodworking by building shutters for my house and when that project was finished, I found that I didn’t want to put away my power tools. I really enjoyed building new things and wanted to build home décor stuff for my own home and for my friends.

All photos of Erin's work are courtesy of Scruffy City Lettering and Signs

Q: Then when did this hobby become a business?

Erin: The business began by through my friend ordering a chalkboard because she knew that I did some hand lettering for fun. That went well and I really enjoyed it and with encouragement from her friends I began exploring the idea to letter on wood and play with my power tools, as a business.  So, my business began just that way by selling a few pieces here and there that I built from wood and lettered. It grew by posting my work on Instagram mostly. And so from this hobby turned passion, Scruffy City Lettering and Signs was born. Next, I decided to expand my business and enter the wedding industry making signs on wood and acryllic for weddings and special events. I really love the wedding industry and I love making wedding signage. I think it's the perfect niche for me.

Q: What are you goals for the next few years for Scruffy City Letters?

Erin: My goals are to keep doing wedding signs.  I am really content with her work and my job. My business has grown over the last several months and I am happy with how it’s expanding. I would love to have more clients and I love having a small business based from home.  I like the personal relationships that I have with my clients and the way that we work together to plan and design. 

Q: What is your most ambitious woodworking project to date?

Erin: I haven't been too ambitious yet, but I have dreams to be. The biggest thing I'm hoping to build would be a workshop for myself.

Q: Now to the important questions, what is the one power tool that no one should be without?

Erin: That's a tough one, but I think that I would say that everyone should have a miter saw!

Friends, I have NO MITER SAW! I've got to get my life together.

One last thing before I wrap this one up, I'm so excited to share some photos and posts of the amazing weddings that will be happening this Fall at Happily Ever After at the Barn in Kodak, TN. I'll be doing quite of bit of coordinating for them and working with their incredible staff to see the wedding dreams of quite a few couples come true this Fall and into the next year. Make sure that you follow them on Instgram at @happilyeverafterbarn, or on Facebook, or whereever you like to see your pretty photos on the internet.

Stay tuned for more beautiful photos! And don't forget to contact Erin at Scruffy City Lettering and Signs for handmade, custom designed signage (you can't find this stuff at Hobby Lobby!).

Photo courtesy of Happily Ever After at the Barn

Happy planning,

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