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#ProProfiles - Sarah Keenan of Westland Farm Studios Photography

Hey everyone! Long time, no...blog. Who would have known that being a homeschool parent for preschoolers and running a small business during a pandemic would be so busy? Ha! But, I'm back to blogging a bit and today I'm doing something that I haven't done in a quite a while, a Pro Profile!

I'm highlighting my friend, Sarah Keenan of Westland Farm Studios and her many incredible talents. She's a gifted photographer and small business owner, a wonderful Mom, and a great friend. She tackles every kind of photography project, from boudoir to branding, with her incredible eye and open heart. She approaches every project with such sincere care and compassion for her clients and co-workers, you just can't help but love her!

I can't wait for you to get to know her better, so here we go!

Q: What is your background? Where are you from?

SK: I am wrapping up my 2nd year as a Knoxville photographer after years away from the beautiful East Tennessee that I grew up in.  ​A big change from the almost 13 years spent on the beaches of North Carolina, our family has situated ourselves on a little 15 acre farm in West Knoxville; a “Suburban Farm,” if there is such a thing, that we call Westland Farms. I laugh a little when I say “Farm,” because while it is a real-deal farm with barn, horse stables, cattle, chickens, veggie plots, creeks, a pond, and all that this gorgeous part of Tennessee calls nature…we are right in the middle of everything that Farragut, Bearden, Northshore, and Downtown Knoxville have to offer. The best of both worlds, we think!!  Westland Farms provides a gorgeous natural backdrop for any type of Knoxville photography, and houses my indoor photography studio.  The  studio is perfect for newborn portraits, boudoir photography, bridal portraits, and professional branding & head shots.

As for me- well, I have an affinity to all things happy, wild, and off of the beaten path.  I love color, sunshine, romance, and laughter.  I love inspirational quotes, meeting new people, flowers, the outdoors, and the idea of finishing a great book.  My go-to drink is coffee.  My outlet is dance.  And, aallllll of my free time is spent with my crew, including our German Shepherds, Gaia. My husband, Joe and I, are parents to seven kiddos ranging in age from 20+ to 3 years old.  My default is laughter and, man!  Laughter has brought more peace to our crazy world than I ever thought possible.  I am an enneagram 3 wing 4 {say it ain’t so!}.  I am a hustler, dedicated to my family and clients and couldn’t believe more in the importance of Family, Grace, and the Grit behind a hard working human.

I’m not certain that we’ve even met.  But, I can tell you that I am already entirely excited about working with and serving you.

Q: A history of your business - why photography? How did you get your  business started and how did it grow and evolve? 

SK: When there are experiences going on in life, I want to be there with you.  Mostly because I pretty much think humans are the cat’s pajamas.  And, that is the basis of where my photography came from and how it has grown.  I started taking pictures, like SO many others, of my own children.  I loved it and began spreading that love with anyone whom would let me.  After a year or so of photographing only families and kiddos, I was asked to second shoot a wedding with a friend photog of mine.  You guys!!  I fell in love and have never looked back.  Wedding photography has my heart.  And, I’m so grateful I get to be part of some super rad love stories.

Q: Who is your ideal wedding client? Or  more generally if that’s better, what makes for a perfect pairing of photographer and client? 

SK: I truly believe that selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most challenging parts of the wedding planning process.  There are so many styles, personalities, and skill levels out there.  My best advice when creating the perfect pairing of photographer and client:  Go With Your Gut!  First, narrow down your list of potential photographers by style.  If you don’t love what you see on their instagram feed or website, you won’t love your wedding images.  And, nobody wants that!  Second, talk with the photographers that you have on your list.  These folks will be with you throughout your wedding day.  They will interact with your family and will be celebrating your day with your guests.  Making sure that your photographer has a personality and energy that meshes well with you is uber important.

Q: Where do you want to see your business go in the next five years? 10 years? 

SK: This business has taken off by leaps and bounds this year.  And, it makes my heart SO happy.  Photography is my end goal.  So, the next 5-10 years look much like today.  Just with more experiences, more training, more mentoring…and, a more love stories.

Q: Your favorite (or a top 3) projects to date?

SK: Great question!  But, I don’t think I could pick a favorite event.  I can tell you my favorite types of photography: 1. Weddings, 2. Branding, and 3. Boudoir Q: And now some fun ones! Dream travel location? Or where are you headed next in your travels? 

SK: I love to travel anywhere there is an adventure.  I’m not much for sitting on a beach with a drink in hand (although I wouldn’t turn it down).  I’d much rather be exploring a new city, hiking, skiing, or camping.

Q: One tip/essential item or service that you would recommend to all small business owners to make their lives better or easier?

SK: Create Focus.  One Dream, one Goal, one Step at a time.  There will be time to create another dream or goal.  But, putting all your resources toward a specific target will yield a much better return. Q: If you weren’t in photography, what job would you have? 

SK: Definitely Marketing!  I love the marketing piece of my photography business and I love the opportunity to help other small business build roots as they launch their own goals.  I’m so lucky to be able to do a bit or both ❤️

Thank you so much Sarah for taking the time to answer my questions! If you would like to learn more about Sarah's photography, visit her website at https://westlandfarmsstudio.com/ and follow her on social at @sarahkeenanphotographer!

Until the next time!

Happy planning,

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