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Response to Covid-19

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Hi friends,

I wanted to take a moment to address some common questions and concerns that I have received from brides, my fellow vendors, friends, and family regarding the developing situation around Covid-19.

First, to the couples with whom I am privileged to work. Please know that I want nothing more than for your wedding plans to take place on the day and in the way that we have envisioned together. I promise to communicate openly with you as we go forward and pursue all necessary possibilities to make your wedding day the wonderful celebration that you deserve. However, I will also act in a way that I feel protects myself, you, and our larger community by adhering the mandates and rules set out by our leaders.

At this point, I will honor all agreements signed for wedding planning and coordinating services in 2020. I have listed out a few useful bits of information that I would like all of my clients and anyone planning an event to consider as we wait to see the full scope of this virus' effect on the Spring and Summer seasons of this year:

I encourage all of my clients whose weddings might be affected by Covid-19 to consider rescheduling to a time later in the year if lowered attendance would signifigantly alter the success of your wedding day. Predictions for when the virus will be deemed "controlled" are changing daily. However, the newest numbers indicate that late summer could be the earliest time. If you are planning a large wedding or event it could be worthwhile to consider all options (like rescheduling or small ceremonies with large receptions at a later date) that will keep you and your guests safe. Currently, the venues that I work with consistently are honoring their contracts under the previously agreed upon terms. This could change based on the insurance liability and perceived risk that a venue might take in holding an event on their property. If the insurance company believes that the risk is too high, they will deny coverage to event venues and they will be forced to close. Remain in close contact with your planner and your venue as this is an evolving situation. They could also add additional stipulations to appease the needs of their insurance companies. Be prepared for additional rules regarding hygiene, food and beverage service, and professional cleaning.If you have not already, purchase event insurance for your wedding, but read the fine print. As this is a brand new situation, companies are probably working in real-time to create policies surrounding cancellations, liability, and risk. I recommend policies from Progressive and Geico for the ease of purchase. But, I would call to confirm their coverage in light of the Covid-19 pandemic before buying.

I know that in these difficult times, the weight of uncertainty is very hard to bear, especially if you are planning one of the most important days of your life. But, I hope that above all, you all know that I will do all I can to care for and support each of you. I am here to help and want to make sure that you know my goal is to see your wonderful wedding or event carried out with joy and happiness. I will do all that I can to alleviate your stress and help you make choices regarding your upcoming events that best serve and care for all of us.

Please feel free to share this email/post with friends and couples in need. If you know of anyone who is facing rescheduling their upcoming wedding or event, I will assist them in rescheduling their event (calling vendors, checking contracts, adjusting orders) free of charge. Again, please pass this on to those you know of who might be struggling in light of the news that their wedding or big event is cancelled due to the spread of the virus. Whether or not they are my client, I'm glad to be of service.

Take good care of yourself! Stay home, wash hands, be aware, and most of all, take a deep breath! We will get through this!

With gratitude,

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