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#Wednesdaywisdom - Budget planning for your wedding day

Planning your wedding or event budget is so important. After you decide to get married, budgeting should be your next big step. ⁣Choose a budget that makes sense to all parties contributing. Whether your family is one that sticks strictly to the traditonal "rules" about who pays for what or a combination of family all your own is working together to make this event a success, communication about budgeting is vitally important.

Whether you're working with a generous budget or you need to be careful where you spend your money, it is important to know that you will not not be able to prioritize every aspect of your event and stay on track. ⁣The most important part of budgeting is making a plan and sticking to it. Generally, the venue takes about 50% of a total budget, but that certainly doesn't have to be the case. If you want to get married in your parents' backyard and spend that allotment of money on a lavish meal, you can do that! The truth is, there are no rules. However, prioritizing is required. It's really important. Did I stress that enough? ⁣ I advise clients to imagine their wedding - what is the thing that jumps out to you? The fabulous venue? The lush and luxurious florals? The sumptuous and decadent meal or rocking reception? You get the idea... the first few things that come to mind should be where you put your focus in budget planning. Some of the other details that didn’t jump out at you can go lower on your list of budget priorities.

Make a spreadsheet and share it among the parties financing the wedding to track the spending (including deposits). At a minimum, share your spreadsheet with with someone who will give the "spenders" involved in planning the accountability to stay on budget. Accountability isn't a bad thing! Staying on budget or even under it (gasp!) will help to take the stress out of the day when no one is freaking out about how much all this costs. ⁣ So, budget according to what’s important to you. Always value the input of family and those dear to you, but remember that it’s yours to guide, especially when it comes to those important items. Make that budget, stick to it, and have the event of your dreams.

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