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#wednesdaywisdom - Down time in the process

For all the teachers, students, administrators, parents and caregivers out there - happy back to school time in Tennessee. While much of the rest of the country is relaxing at the beach, we down south are back on the school grind. While I understand that thinking of going back to school early, I also feel that it all starts too dang early. Summer always feels like forever when you're a kid though, but I hope that everyone got a little bit of downtime this summer to relax and disconnect from your busy life.

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Speaking of relaxing, I gave myself a few weeks off of posting on Wednesdays during the month of July and the break was so lovely. It's always a good move to ease up on yourself and accept that your workflow and productivity should and will fluctuate throughout the year. As a small business owner it is tempting to NEVER stop working. To always respond as soon as a message comes in, even when you desperately need a break. So, I'm learning how to better balance my work ambitions with my desire to be an engaged human being... but it's a work in progress!

Ok, now down to the important stuff. This week, our #wednesdaywidsom is about why you might be hearing a bit less from your planner at this point in time in your planning process, or conversely, why you mike be getting 15 emails and 25 texts per day. I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into my planning process and help you understand why you might find some peaks of activity and some down town when working with a wedding or event planner. And I wanted to explain that the "down time" that you perceive doesn't mean that you've been forgotten or that you're not my priority, it just means that we've reached a point in the process where we can take a break, evaluate where we are, and then proceed with focus.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Conner Photography

As a planner, I break down the development of any event into quarters. In the first quarter of our process, things are busy. We are securing the major contracts, communicating tons, and working together daily. This busy period usually takes place over about 3 months at the beginning of the working relationship. Once the venue and primary vendors (whom I categorize by the couple's financial investment with them) are set, we slow things down a bit. Typically, my couples are ready for a break after the intensive period of reviewing contracts, managing budgets, visiting event venues, tasting catering, you get the idea. It's a very hectic time!

At that point, I like to step back, re-group, evaluate our budget, and get down into the details of your events' planning and design. This will be a time of fewer meetings, fewer emails and calls, and a moment for everyone to take a little breather. But, know that you not forgotten. I might have just entered the intensive first quarter planning period with another client, or I could be in the final quarter with another client, when things ramp up for a big, final push before the event. However, know that I am ALWAYS available for your questions, and I will be checking in with you as we prepare for the next steps in developing your wedding or event. Your time to be my number one priority is coming back around soon, so enjoy the break from my emails and texts!

So, this is just a reminder that if you don't hear from me for a few days, you certainly aren't off my mind. I have a personalized list of action items just for you that I am working on behind the scenes and I promise that your wedding or event is important to me.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Conner

I hope that this post helps to clarify the planning process a bit and helps to set your mind at ease that your planner is your ally and your friend through the journey of planning and developing your vision.

Next week, I'll be posting a chat with my friend, Erin, of Scruffy City Letters. She such a talented person and I great friend, so be sure to check out her #proprofile next week!

Happy planning,

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