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#wednesdaywisdom - Summer lovin'

Photo courtesy of Brittany Conner Photography

Summer is here! If you're like me, you get excited for this time of year when the pools are open, the lake is full of fun, and there are so many fun events happening that you can't keep up! And of course, summer means weddings. I had a summer wedding, June 14th to be exact, and it was lovely and green and lush, and blooming, and well - hot! Heat comes with the territory for a summer wedding, so it's important to make your guests as comfortable as possible. So here are some tips to make your sunny summer wedding a big hit with everyone!

1. Relax the dress code - If you plan to have an outdoor wedding in the summertime, then I suggest you allow people to dress down a bit. No jackets required for the gentlemen and sundresses and sandals welcome for the ladies. If you've been dreaming of a formal wedding, it could be a good idea to move the celebration indoors for the summer months or get married in a cooler season.

2. Provide some comfort items - A drink of cold water for guests goes a long way for guests who are braving the heat for your big day. Keep a steady supply of non-alcoholic beverages handy for guests especially before and during the ceremony where they may be waiting for your big entrance. Be sure to stock plenty of hydration for the reception too, especially if you're serving alcohol. Also, I love printing the wedding program on a fan, like these:

Photo via Etsy

3. Don't skip the tent! - If you plan to have your ceremony and reception outdoors, renting a tent (or finding a venue that includes a tent in the cost of a rental) is a lifesaver. People are going to need a place in the shade to take a break from the heat. And don't forget about covering your food as well! A buffet left in the sun can ruin quickly and we don't want all that delicious food that you've chosen and purchased to become inedible because of the heat. And speaking of food...

Photo courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography via Inside Weddings

4. Choose a menu with some cold items - A nice fruit tray with cold melon and fruit or a cold salad can be so refreshing on a hot day. A balance or cool and warm foods is something to consider for your summer wedding menu. It's the little, considerate touches that make you a great host!

5. Time of day matters - As everyone knows, morning and evening are the coolest times of the day during a steamy summer in Tennessee. So it can be best to opt for a wedding ceremony and celebration that either begin very early in the day (I love a brunch wedding!) or later in the afternoon. This way your reception can end before the hottest time of the day in the afternoon or stretch into the cooler parts of the evening.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Conner Photography

But, if a mid-day wedding is what works best for you, make sure that you and your guests have a good location to cool off and relax, and consider providing some of the cooling options I've listed above no matter what time of day that your ceremony is planned. Your wedding will be much more comfortable for you and your guests will thank you!

Happy planning,

PS - Don't forget about the Bachelorette Bash going on at Water into Wine in Farragut this Sunday from 2-4 PM! Be there or be square :)

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