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#Wednesdaywisdom - The emergency kit

One of my favorite stories to tell about my time in special events is how I once sewed a beautiful bride into her wedding dress with the handles of a giftbag. No kidding, that really happened.

My lovely bride had been enjoying a relaxing day with dear family and friends sipping champagne, having hair and makeup done, and savoring their time together. We had just decided it was time to get the bride into her spectacular, full-skirt, princess gown with a corset back closure. That's when they realized that the ribbon tie for the corset was missing. They tore the bridal room apart, searched every car, the bride turned a very pale shade of green, and panic was right around the corner.

That's when the groom's mother came in holding a big giftbag (with double white ribbon handles) saying that her son had left the bag in her car and maybe we might find it in there. And that's when I had an idea. I grabbed the bag and my emergency kit and hand-stitched (thanks Mom) the ribbons together with neat little seams and laced up that corset gown with giftbag handles - and no one outside of that room ever knew a thing.

The point of the story - prepare for the unexpected on your wedding day.

Undoutedly, something will go down on your wedding day that is outside of the plan. But, your wedding planner/coordinator should have a mental and real-life emergency kit to get you through it. The stress should never fall upon the bride and groom and I always hate seeing it become the responsibility of family members. You need someone to be a buffer for the stress and the designated problem-solver for the day. That's where I come in and take the stress and worry out of your and your family members' hands. I have a full mental/real-life toolkit to make your wedding day a smooth, joyful ride. And if any little snafus should arise - consider them handled (like giftbag handles - see what I did there ; )

So here is a basic list of what I bring in my realife emergency kit. It varies a little depending on the season and location of the wedding:

- Sunscreen

- Bugspray

- Hairspray

- Bobby pins

- Safety pins

- Sewing kit

- Hem tape

- Double sided tape

- Bottled water

- Snacks

- Ibuprofen/Zyrtec/Antacids

- Bandaids

- Lint roller

- Chalk

- Superglue/clear nail polish

- Tissues/Q-tips

- Oil wipes

- Baby wipes

- Lipstick/makeup for touchups

- Mirror

- Bodyspray/perfume/deodorant

- Floss/mints

- $20 cash - it always comes in handy

- Feminine products

- Spray-n-go/bleach pens/static guard/etc

- Black socks

That's a lot of stuff! But, I promise each item gets used during the typical wedding day. So, why not let me carry this load of stuff around? It would be my pleasure to join you on your journey to your wedding day as your planner or on the day of wedding as your coordinator.

My 2019 packages are posted on the website, please check them out and contact me at egweddingsandevents@gmail.com or by phone at (865) 804-3140.

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