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Where to travel in 2021

So today I plan to fully indulge in a a little travel daydreaming. I always do at this time of year when it's a cold and often gray outside. Nothing cheers me up like searching for a flight to some place warm and sunny and knowing that with a few clicks I could actually go there if there I wanted to. I need to know that the options exists!

Also, I know of lot of my clients are looking at their 2021 weddings and subsequent honeymoons and wondering where they CAN go. For sure, traveling at the moment is a more complex process than it has been in the past. But, that does not mean that all options are off the table. So, let's dive into a few of those options. And because I'm here to help, let's do this ranked by cost of travel.

1) Miami, Florida

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I feel like it's a given, but traveling within the US will be cheaper and simpler right now. And if you're looking to feel tropical while staying in the states, Miami is probably the best you can get in the Winter months! In March, the average temperature reaches 80 degrees and the weather is typically sunny with an afternoon shower. Not too shabby! And it will only get more tropical as the year goes on.

While the cost of a flight from Atlanta (worth the drive!) is a mere $55 per person on Frontier Airlines, you will spend your more money on food, beverage, and entertainment here. Airbnbs range from $80 per night, but Miami is also home to some gorgeous hotels like The Ritz Carlton South Beach and The Villa Casa Casuarina at The Former Versace Mansion. In Miami you can immerse yourself in the culture and eat lots of delicious Cuban food, take salsa lessons, soak up sun on South Beach, enjoy the Art Deco architecture, and dance the night away in one of Miami's famous nightclubs.

2. Turks and Caicos

Now we are heading international! Turks and Caicos is a British Territory in the Caribbean Islands and so travel to this destination does require a passport and a few additional steps to enter the country. First, flights to Providenciales average about $500 per person from Atlanta, but can be found as cheap as $350 if you catch a deal. The flight is only about 3 hours, so no need to lose an entire day in transit. During this time, travel to The Turks requires an additional travel insurance policy to cover any health expenses that you may incur while away, and a negative Covid test. Be sure to stay up to date with the CDC regulations on travel at their website cdc.gov or at the US Consular Services at www.travel.state.gov.

Photo via Caribbean Journal

There are many lovely resorts, like Wymara shown above, and private homes available for rental on the island. They range from all-inclusive luxury to off-the-beaten path cottages. Thursday nights head over to the fish fry for and sample some of the amazing local seafood prepared fresh by vendors, along with a cold beverage, and of course live music! It's a Provo staple and cannot be missed! There are also amazing opportunities to scuba dive and snorkel, take a sunset cruise, go sailing, and enjoy the crystal blue waters. Let's go NOW!

3. St. Lucia

Another destination famous for amazing beaches, tropical sunshine, and blissful accomodations is St. Lucia. Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, the island nation of St. Lucia was voted the best honeymoon location in 2019. And with just a quick search, you can see why. The gorgeous mixture of moutains, rainforest, and clear, blue sea makes for breathtaking views at every turn. Flights to St. Lucia start at about $400 from Atlanta and accomodations range from $300 per night up to $1,300 per night. Most guests choose all-inclusive resorts and there are many excursions available for those wanting to explore. Scuba diving, ziplining, hiking through the rainforest, and enjoying a mud bath in a spa are just a few ways to spend your time aside from the gorgeous beaches and warm sunshine, and soaking in the natural sulphur springs.

Travel requirements to St. Lucia include an additional insurance policy (value can vary based on the resort's policy), a negative Covid test within a close time frame to your departure (check in the US Consular Services tagged above for specifics), and of course a valid passport.

Photo via Jade Mountain Resort

4. The Maldives

Ready to get exotic? The Maldives is an Island Republic in the Indian Ocean located in the Arabian Sea. It's about 700 km away from the Asian mainland and closest borders India and Sri Lanka. The flight from Atlanta is about 20 hours (yikes) and costs about $1,200 - $1,300 per person. However once you are there, life is good. All-inclusive resorts are the name of the game here and there are some absolutely stunning options. The W Maldives appears to be heaven on earth and offers such accomodations as the Extreme Wow Ocean Haven that is situated over the crytal blue waters and boasts its own private pool. I'm in love! This resort sits on its own private island to truly give you that swept away to another world feeling.

Photo via The W Maldives

This resort is luxurious to say the least. The lowest priced room on property is about $1,400 per night. However, every room has a view of water, either ocean or lagoon, and comes with breakfast.

Now, for those wanting to see The Maldives and have a dime in their pocket when they get back home, there are other options! The Angaga Resort and Spa offers rates on their over-water cabanas at $300 per night. It might not be a Wow Ocean Haven, but no doubt the experience of exploring the Maldives would be amazing. And for the even more adventurous I sugges a stay in Malé, the capital city, in an oceanfront villa for $250 per night and check out the active local surf scene.

Ahhhh... I can feel the ocean breeze now!

Those are just a few options for where to take off for a little sunshine and tropical travel. If you choose to travel internationally, make sure to pay attention to new and changing regulations on travel to ensure a smooth voyage and an easy trip through customs once you arrive. If you book your stay through a resort, they will be your best resource for keeping up-to-date with any restrictions or changes to policies regarding international guests.

If you choose stateside, make the most of your getaway and enjoy the sunshine! There's plenty of sandy beach to explore right here in the US.

Now, I'm off to google more flights for today's travel daydreaming!

Happy planning,

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